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Ariane is a Cuban Chinese actress born and raised in New York City. She has had a passion for the arts and performing and started picking up the microphone when she was in middle school, eventually voice acting in various projects online and growing a Youtube channel focused on singing and writing lyrics inspired from animation, video games, anime, and other pop culture pieces.
Before pursuing voiceover and acting professionally, Ariane studied astronomy and physics. However, her love for performing was still present and she would participate in whatever theatre productions and concerts she could, performing in musicals and plays and building props and costumes for shows.

Now, Ariane has worked professionally on various game, animation, and audiobook projects from her booth in Manhattan. You can hear her in various projects as Celica from Punishing: Gray Raven, Sepia and Child Rieffe in Moon Observatory: Iris, Food Truck Simulator, and many more.
Ariane is currently a mechanical engineering PhD student. But she is still passionate about the arts and taking various workshops and training to expand her acting toolset. Ariane includes acting in her career of science and enjoys doing acting in addition to doing research in her lab.

In her free time, Ariane is also an artist. She enjoys drawing character art and making crafts such as flower crowns, headbands, crochet blankets, and other accessories. She also enjoys figure skating and can do skills, jumps, and spins up to Free Skate 5.


stage acting
voice over
Extreme Vocals for Extreme Roles: Michael Schwalbe
Voice Acting for Talking Toys & Games: Lisa Biggs
6 Week Voice Acting Bootcamp: Rachael Messer

Advance VO Bootcamp: Rachael Messer
Commercial VO: Tania Possick
4 Week Beginner Commercial VO: Barry Shapiro
4 Week Intensive Commercial VO: Barry Shapiro
4 Week 4 Accents Workshop: Suzanne Cerreta
Anime Magic: A Voiceover Acting Workshop: Lisa Ortiz
Private Coaching: Joe Zieja
Private Coaching: Beau Stephenson
Private Coaching: Erika Harlacher-Stone
Private Coaching: David Rosenthal

Private Coaching: Cristina Milizia
Introduction to Acting: Mariana Newhard
Acting: American Realism: Barbara Bosch
Stage Combat Workshop: Sarah Dunford
Alexander Technique: Jean McClelland
Private Lessons: Felicia Valenti
Musical Theatre Workshop: Susan Agin

Private Lessons: Farah Chandu
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