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Character Reel

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Commercial Reel

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Sifris and Meggan: Dragonheir: Silent Gods: SGRA Studio 
Bella :  Doomsday: Last Survivors:  IGG Games
Nia - Once More : Malheur Games
Asuka - Cross Summoner:R : DAMO NETWORK LIMITED

Young Will - The Hanged Man : Uri 
Dessi - Vignette: Watercress Studios  
Kamika - Ah!! My Roommate is a Succubus Hellbent on World Conquest! : Watercress Studios 
Reah - Our Lost World Beneath The Skies : Sarchalen Team/Illusory World
Lauren - Our Home : Watercress Studios  

Asuka from the mobile video game, Summoner Cross: R



April- After the Rain: Chelsea LI   Watch
Syren- Koumpounophobia: Cas Lofthus   Watch
Fr! - Fr!End: Bruno Hinojosa   Watch

Feather and Sill - Essylphs: ANGELILYworks
Girl - Decision: KisaragiBiwa   Watch




James (Lead) - James and the Giant Peach: Macaulay Theatre Club

Miss Prism (Secondary) - The Importance of Being Ernest: Macaulay Theatre Club

Gretel, Grandma, and Little Pig - Fairytale Courtroom: Macaulay Theatre Club

Miss Cozy, Brian, and Devil Angel - Geek!: Macaulay Theatre Club

Audiobook/Audio Drama

Kitty's Magic: Shadow the Lonely Cat by Ella Moonheart: Learning Ally Listen
Lola Levine is Not Mean by Monica Brown: Learning Ally Listen
Front Desk by Kelly Yang: Learning Ally Listen
Skunked: Calpurnia Tate, Girl Vet  by Jacqueline Kelly
: Learning Ally Listen
Kitty's Magic: Misty the Scared Kitten by Ella Moonheart: Learning Ally Listen
Assorted Ghosts (Episode 15, 16, 19, 20) - The Way We Haunt Now Podcast Listen

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