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Energizing Myself: What Motivates Me to Get in the Booth

Acoustic blankets hung on top of purple GIK acoustic panels


Video Game Session

  • It went great! Yahoo!

Finished an Audiobook

  • Lots of tough work and I clocked in around five hours of finished work

Finished Recording a Cover

  • It's been 5-ever since my last cover.. Looking forward to mixing and sharing this one soon!


Self energizing is key for my performances and motivation, especially on those tough days. Sometimes you have to get to work regardless of your mood, but harnessing your creative energy and motivation where you can may help you get through that live session or even help your performances.

  1. Making it Nice: My booth is decorated with things I like. Sometimes looking at something that I like that makes me enjoy the moment I’m in helps me get that energy. Bonus points if there are new decorations for the season. Of course I prioritize the ability to deliver high quality audio in my booth, so I try to keep it to tiny figurines, fake flowers, or lights.

  2. Inspiration: I have a saved collection of performances that I love from actors, singers, and voice actors. They range from things that send chills to make me laugh. Making a list or your own collection can help remind yourself why you love this craft and chasing the dreams that you are.

  3. Reminding Myself: I have post-its of my goals and dreams. Sometimes I’ll even look around my booth and realize, “I really like what I’m doing”. When things get tough and uncomfortable, it’s easy to forget how grateful we can be for the opportunities and work we have built so far. Talking with voice actor colleagues also reminds me how much I love the community and the joys of the job.

Hope you all are enjoying the autumn season and stay energized!

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Oct 27, 2023



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