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3 Tips for Beginning Singers: Things I Wish I Told Myself When I Started


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Whether it’s in the car while listening to a favorite song, relaxing in the shower, or having fun with friends, mostly everyone has sung on more than one occasion. So it feels weird to ask, when I started singing. However, I finally took singing seriously after being inspired by many of my favorite singers on Youtube, using workout and warmup videos I found online in hopes to one day be a great belter at the age of 13. I felt insecure that I started too late. But I wouldn’t be where I am now if I never started, and realize you can start singing seriously at any age. If I were to do it again, here would be my tips

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a vocal coach, but someone who has taken classes and coaching later in my singing career that remembers what it’s like to start out. These are things I would have said to help my motivation and learning process.

1.) Warmups are NOT Exercises. I think it’s really tempting to start practicing your songs as soon as you possibly can, but similar to how you strengthen your muscles before lifting heavy objects, learning and developing your singing muscles is a process.

First, I’d emphasize that warmups can get those singing muscles ready to do stressful parts more easily and safely, but warmups alone will not strengthen your voice.

2.) Finding your "singing voice" is a process. The best advice that I got from different teachers is that singing should feel almost like talking. With this statement, I’m also alluding to recommending classes and coaching with this statement. Where your singing sits best and accessing that is a discovery to make, and having a professional teacher help you discover that ensures you can find it safely and surely. Doing it by yourself might be possible, but I would believe you do risk learning bad habits.

3.) Challenge Yourself

One of the joys of learning how to sing is also trying new things. I would advise against doing anything that hurts your voice after a while, but trying new sounds and techniques will help in singing for various mediums or even bringing something new to a song.

Something I also saw on my end of social media that I also want to emphasize here, is not to worry if people ask you to sing for them quite yet, whether it be for work or for collaborations. If you have a passion for music and singing and keep working on both, you will meet other passionate collaborators eventually. There are also so many reasons why people are not singing with you yet; they might be looking for a different sound or the sound you have is just not in your portfolio yet. In the end, you can learn to grow every day from practicing using your voice, learning music theory, and studying other performances.


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