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Voicing a Moon Princess, Directing, and More Updates!

I'm Fumitsuki in Dislyte

  • I voice one of Dislyte's newest Legendary Espers: Fumitsuki!

  • You can see her demo here

  • Thank you very much Lilith Games

My Voice Directing/Casting Debut

Singing Stories

  • New release of cover of a song from Code Geass' soundtrack

  • I made the instrumental, vocals, mix, and more completely by myself!

  • Listen on:


One of my last updates mentioned a big investment in my voice acting education and training. Since then, I have become insanely busy with booking, practicing, and more. That said, I'm so grateful for the opportunities that have come and will make sure to not take any second for granted. That said, my weekly blogs will soon be returning.

I have a lot more perspectives I'm excited to share about my voice journey, business, lifestyle, and more.

For now, it's good to be sharing again. Here's to a lovely end to March and a wonderful start to April!


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